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Twin Quilts
Museum Staff
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Twin Quilts

These 1940s twin quilts were created at the same time; one used daily and one carefully stored. Many collectors credit the survival of their quilts to the cedar chests that protected them from moths, light, and humidity.

These twin quilts were made for my grandfather and great uncle as a thank you gift from their mother in law.  They had moved a tiny house for her to a different location and put on a new roof.
My grandfather’s quilt was used daily on his bed.  Evidence of stain from being tucked next to the springs on the bed look like rust. There is also considerable fading.
My uncle never used his quilt. It was stored in a closet and is not faded. The quilts were identical using red, white, blue fabrics. They were probably made in the early 1940’s. I am so fortunate to have inherited both quilts.

~ Beth Waters Presnell

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