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The Southern Quilting Project is part quilt exhibition and part public art project, and as such, we want to make sure that the community's stories are told by those who know them best. This blog will feature personal stories of family quilts, quilting traditions, and more! See the short form below to share your story!

Crazy Quilt
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Crazy Quilt

This is a fun story about a crazy quilt owned by Marjorie Turnbull of Tallahassee, Florida:

My great grandfather Hillis was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania shortly after the Civil War. The church is noted in history for having been the place where Lincoln went to pray prior to giving his Gettysburg Address. My great grandfather was there from 1869 to the mid 1870’s at which time he and his family moved to a church in Yates Center, Kansas. At that time his new post was considered to be that of a missionary. One of the ways the churches in the East helped to support the ministers in these far flung locations was to send missionary barrels, which often held fine clothing of silks and velvets for the family. As these fabrics were quite inappropriate for those – especially children – living on the rugged prairie, my great grandmother and her sisters cut them up and made crazy quilts out of them. One of these was handed down to my grandmother, then to my mother and thus to me.

~Marjorie Turnbull

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