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The Southern Quilting Project is part quilt exhibition and part public art project, and as such, we want to make sure that the community's stories are told by those who know them best. This blog will feature personal stories of family quilts, quilting traditions, and more! See the short form below to share your story!

Mother's Garden
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Mother's Garden

This quilt is an example of a tessellation, which uses large hexagon shapes to create a repeating pattern throughout the entire quilt. The pattern was also called mosaic, Honeycomb, or French Bouquet. Each larger hexagon shape is created using approximately 2,000 smaller hexagon shapes. The dark green shapes that border each hexagon throughout the entire quilt creating a “pathway” through the garden, is used with brand new fabric. The creator, Mary Knight Roberts of Quincy, used leftover scrap fabric from old clothing for the smaller hexagon shapes.


Knight says, “And that’s what I’m putting into the quilts that I’m making now, I’m not really buying fabric, I’m just putting stuff in them that I already have. But all of it is new fabric, it’s new fabric. But it’s just pieces you can’t use for anything else.” Mary Knight Roberts (shown on the right with her daughter Betty James) hopes that her children and grandchildren will continue the legacy of quilt making. 

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